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summer should be fun.

school's out and staying up late is in. no more homework, no more finals. no one to tell me these sentences should start with capital letters and always use proper grammar perfectly.

summer should be fun!

and movies are fun, right? watching a movie is like dreaming and being awake at the same time. we visit fantasy lands or sick nightmares for the thrill of escaping our realities, wish fulfillment, an adrenaline rush. filmmakers design our dreams. what a powerful way to reach a human mind.

sooooo fun.

all you'll need is a deck of cards and a movie-watching method to play the game. tap the button below to read your objectives and find the card key. looking for inspiration on what to watch? you can find my aa summer movies watchlist on letterboxd @audreyallenart.


and lastly, because i love a CTA, and i love an email list opportunity, sign up for extremely infrequent emails to get some kind of TBD prize at the end of the summer. i have no idea what it will be. but that's what makes it fun, right?

signed sincerely,

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the aesthetically pleasing part

so whenever i have the urge to document life these days, i take photos on 9:16 landscape aspect ratio mode to practice seeing the world like a filmmaker. oh and i found this movie projector on facebook marketplace, so go social media i guess. anyway it's been cool to watch movies on a blank wall in my bedroom this way and test my own photo/video clips too. maybe one day it will lead to making my own movie. or maybe it won't. who can say what the future has in store.

and obviously this is a whole multi-media thing


only if you're obsessed

if you're really into this, you'll join my email list for TBD prize(s). so far my ideas include personally mailed artwork or an invitation to an outdoor movie screening over labor day weekend in kcmo. but lightning from the creative gods could strike through me at any time. so your guess is as good as mine to be honest.

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