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audrey allen

multidisciplinary artist | kansas city, mo


The first thing you should know about me is that when I was a child, my dad built me a stage in the basement of our house. He used plywood and PVC pipe and spray-painted it black and hung up a navy blue shower curtain with gold stars. I directed my brother and various friends and cousins in countless dances, plays, and magic shows over the years. My dad doesn’t speak much but he documents. He was often behind the camera, taking photos or videos of our basement stage productions. Saving images, and theoretically memories.


​I am an artist and a writer and a director and a performer. I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri—the literal middle of America. I am part of the generation of zillennials (not quite old enough to be millennials, not quite young enough to be Gen-Z) who were introduced to modern social media at puberty. I have a BFA in Studio Art from Oklahoma State University, where I focused in printmaking and community-engaged art. Since graduating in 2019, I have worked in program and event planning for an arts nonprofit organization, account management for a digital marketing agency, and social media management for public health.


​My creative practice is driven by questions such as: Is it possible to fully know ourselves or each other? If structures like time and social media were invented by humans, is it possible to step back from these realities...or have they grown too pervasive to outrun them? Are humans losing our ability to detect true creativity and true social connection because of social media? Does art repeat itself?

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